He’s our boy forever and ever!

Each month our adoption case worker would say, “next month should be the month!” Well, we’ve heard that since October, unfortunately. We kept asking our lawyer if he heard anything from the courts and then last Friday, we got the news!

Thursday March 5, 2015 would be the day that we get to adopt our boy!


Yes, this silly boy!

We took the day off and went down to the courthouse. We told Xander (aka Buddy) that today would be the day that he would be our boy forever and ever! I’ve had an outfit ready for him for a couple of months now and my husband was able to find something that closely matched. My parents and sister and brother were there as well as three different caseworkers we’ve worked with.


Aren’t they handsome?!

The judge came over and asked Xander a couple of questions about if he had a dog or cat and what their names were. How old he was, etc. She gave him a nice book on adoption and a couple other people had gifts for him on his special day. She asked him if he knew how to do a drum roll and we all practiced how to do one by patting our fingers on the table. She said, “when I tell you, do a drum roll and we’ll all shout Yeahhhh!!!” She signed three papers, asked for a drum roll and we all cheered!

It took us longer to take all the pictures than the actual adoption, but it was a perfect ending and such a great day. We walked out of that court room a little taller and a little prouder that our boy was officially ours at last!

We went and picked up a cake and came home to rest before going out to eat. I went and changed out of the dreadful dress and pantyhose that were much less comfortable than my maternity yoga pants. Then, I heard my husband’s frantic yell, “Noooooo!!!!!” Xander’s kitty sat on the cake box! At first I was really upset that the cake was ruined. My husband desperately tried to fix the frosting to make it less of a wreck. Then, I realized that I can’t let a cake ruin my wonderful day. It’s just a symbol for our family. We are not perfect and we will wear that badge proudly. I kissed and hugged my husband and handed him some sprinkles. “Sprinkles make everything better, right?!”


Sprinkles make everything better!

We enjoyed our dinner out with our family and Xander didn’t want the day to end. We reminded him that this is his family forever and ever. He was okay with that.

We headed home and my husband Matt’s aunt called me to congratulate us on our special day. She said that it was also Matt’s Dad’s birthday. He had passed when Matt was a teenager. We gave Xander his name as a middle name. So he’s Alexander Allen Cole. His Dad must have been looking down on us the whole time and made this day even more special, if that is even possible!

We are truly blessed to have this wonderful, amazing and imaginative little boy in our lives who we’re lucky enough to call our son! While this journey has been difficult, I would do it a million times over to have Xander in our lives. He will also be a big brother in a month or less! He is going to be the best big brother ever! We love our boy to pieces!


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