Is it Fate or Coincidence?

Several months ago I got a call from DSS about a soon to be three-year-old boy who came into care. The worker went on to tell me all the challenges this little boy has and I thought it’d be too much for me to handle right now. It’s always difficult to turn down a child.

spring is here

A month or two later I got a call saying the same boy needed a new placement. The foster mom fell ill and was unable to care for him. I felt horrible turning him down again! Buddy is a follower (monkey see, monkey do!) and I was so afraid that I would have 2 little boys exhibiting negative behaviors and it’d be too much! Not to mention, Buddy needs a lot of attention and it sounded like this boy would need even more. That wouldn’t be fair to Buddy.

Last week, we attended a foster care appreciation dinner. We’ve never attended one before. We don’t need to be thanked or told we’re appreciated, but thought it was a good opportunity to get out and have a free dinner! Well, who sits next to me but the woman who took the little boy they called us for twice! She said how she actually just wanted to foster children and had no intention of adopting, but DSS was already talking adoption! While he does have many challenges, he’s very resilient and doing really well.

Is this a coincidence or is fate telling us that this little boy is meant to be in our lives in one way or another? We set up a play date and I’m excited to have another foster mom to talk to and it’ll be nice for Buddy to have a boy his age to play with.


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