Small Blessings


Yesterday was our TPR hearing. We were told not to expect much. It would be to just go over paperwork and schedule a date for the trial.

For some reason bio-mom wasn’t brought over from the jail. Then she was given a back-up attorney because hers was away on National Guard Duty. So, then after the paperwork was in order, the judge said bio-mom should be there with her attorney. So she rescheduled for next month.

The judge asked us if we had any questions and I asked if that was the trial date and she said no. It’s basically a re-do. So it seemed like a complete waste of time. One nice thing was that Buddy’s lawyer made a really nice comment to the judge. He said he thinks his client is just where he needs to be for a very long time.

Afterward we talked with the caseworker and she said that she talked to bio-mom on Christmas Eve and she asked her what she should do about the TPR! The caseworker couldn’t come right out and say that she should relinquish her rights, but she told her that they had a really solid case against her. They offered her numerous services and chances and she did nothing. She needed to talk to her lawyer. They offered her lawyer one picture and letter a year if she agreed to give up her rights. Buddy’s lawyer said that he’d do whatever he could to get her to sign them over.

By the time the next court date comes around, bio-mom will have been sentenced for her felony charges as well. That will most likely tack some time onto her June release date.

So, while we’re going nowhere fast and these court dates are always very draining, I felt semi-positive that bio-mom is finally looking out for Buddy’s best interest.

I can’t imagine what it feels like to give up a child. I haven’t wanted to think about that side of things. I wish we could have gotten to know her better so that she could know us better. Unfortunately that was never possible. Maybe jail really has been good for her and she’s had a lot of time to think about the choices she’s made in her life. I hope that, if anything, she will feel good in knowing that she’ll be doing the right thing for Buddy.

Hopefully Feb. 3rd will be a very good day!

Photo credit: symphony of love / / CC BY-NC


6 thoughts on “Small Blessings

  1. I’m in a similar situation with our 22 month old foster. Mom is in jail, hasn’t done plan. Thankfully, our worker told us yesterday they will file a petition for TPR. Keep your head up!!

    • That’s great that they’re filing the TPR on your little one. Don’t get me wrong, I am very happy about the news, it’s just been such a daunting process for our family that I don’t want to count my chickens before they hatch. I’m looking forward to having a little less drama in our lives! I wish you the best and feel free to follow if you like.

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