A Very Avengers Christmas


The holidays were a whirlwind, but very nice. Buddy had a blast opening presents. He was so cute with paper flying everywhere!


We took a lot of really nice pictures with our new DSLR camera (Combined Christmas gift from my family & ourselves). It was a very Avengers Christmas & Buddy was spoiled rotten by Santa. He just couldn’t help it with it being our first Christmas together and all! Buddy also enjoyed playing with cousins and seeing the grandparents.

Buddy does best when he is busy, so we have been playing with his new toys and I have been Wonder Woman (it sounds more like Wubby Wubby when he says it).


We got outside and played in the snow before all this crazy cold hit us. Buddy enjoys being outside no matter what the weather is like. I was bound and determined to make a snowman despite the very fine and powdery consistency of the snow. So, since it wouldn’t roll into a ball, I ended up just making a big pile and shaping it into a snowman as best as I could. It ended up looking more like Cartman from South Park than a snowman, but Mission Accomplished!! Hubby pulled him around the yard in his sled.


We took him to see Lights on the Lake. You get to drive through the park at night and they have Holiday light displays set up all along the way. Buddy liked it but really wanted to get out of the car, so he was a little frustrated.

20140108-013907.jpgSo what happens when he’s not busy? He gets into trouble of course!

Yesterday at Target, while I was checking out, he grabbed a brick of cheese out of the bag and started to eat it while I wasn’t looking. He handed me the piece of plastic with perfect little bite marks! I couldn’t believe it. He said, “I’m hungry!” I said, “then ask Mommy for a snack. You know I have fruit snacks and peanuts in my purse.” He said, “I wanted cheese!”

Then I caught him underneath my husband’s desk as I was cleaning out cat litter boxes. I said, “what are you doing under there?” “Hiding,” he said. “What do you have?” I asked. “Scissors, I’m cutting my hair!” Luckily they were nail scissors, so not much came off & luckily he didn’t hurt himself.

20140108-015700.jpgBuddy also decided that he didn’t want Mommy’s songs at bedtime anymore. He wants to sing superhero songs. So he makes up a song about superheroes and then I make up a song about superheroes. It gets him more worked up than the nursery rhyme type songs I usually sing, but he enjoys it so much that I don’t think there is any going back.

Make sure to check back soon, I have a little bit of news on the TPR!


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