Getting Caught in the Rain


There are times, when Buddy throws a fit or won’t go to sleep, that I wonder why on earth I wanted children when we could do whatever we wanted when we were an “empty nest couple,” as our gym membership calls us. Then there are days like yesterday that make me so thankful to have him and be able to see the world through his eyes.

We walk Frannie the dog everyday. It’s good exercise for all of us. When we first started doing this with Buddy, it was a chore to get him to walk, stay on the sidewalk and not beg to be carried. However, we make it fun by seeing who can get to the stop sign, fire hydrant, for sale sign, etc. first. We also pretend we are super heroes and get bad guys with our webs or blasters, all while traversing under the pointy branches, over the slippery apples and past the silly trees.

Yesterday was no exception, but there was rain in the forecast and the sun wasn’t out. I brought the umbrella just in case. The skies continued to darken, the wind started to pick up and then it started to sprinkle. I tried to hurry Buddy along, but that, as I’m sure some of you know, isn’t an easy feat with a two-year-old. When the rain started to come down in buckets, he could have gotten upset. I could have gotten upset! But, he started to giggle and we ran, as fast as his toddling little legs could run and we both held on tight to the umbrella, stepping in puddles, laughing, playing and teasing the rain to make us wet.

A nice gentleman in a big truck pulled over and offered to give us a ride home, but we were only 2 blocks away and I was having a blast, being caught in the rain, with my little man. If I was alone and stuck in the rain, I would have been mad that it ruined my day. A child like Buddy loves the rain because it’s a new adventure!

Photo credit: mangee/ Foter / CC BY-NC-SA


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