She’s Back


We have had almost six months of peace. We haven’t heard from Buddy’s bio-mom, he hasn’t gone on visits and she has had no known address. Then a defense attorney called the caseworker… she’s in jail.

To the average person, that might sound like a good thing. She’s in jail, that means that she’ll have no chance of getting Buddy back. Well, maybe, but that’s not how I see it. While she was “MIA” she had no known address to send info to. So, she didn’t know about doctor’s appointments, progression in the case or that the paperwork for her rights to be terminated (TPR) is being filed on Tuesday.

Now she has an address. It’s the justice center in the city. The caseworker is required to let her know what’s going on. She also has the right to resume visits. IN JAIL!! That just infuriates me to no end. Why do people who are in jail have rights? Our little man, who, 90% of the time is sleeping through the night, without night terrors finally, is going to have to sit across from his bio-mom, who he hasn’t seen in six months, for a visit in jail if she chooses.

We have a permanency hearing in a month. Is she going to be allowed to go to that? Is she going to go to the TPR hearing?

Another perk of her being in jail is that she get services. As part of her pleading guilty to her charges, she has agreed to go to inpatient rehab. If she screws up, she’s back in jail (I’m not sure when this would start or when she’s getting out in the first place).

We were in the home stretch with our little man. Yes, it will put off his adoption and that stinks, but what is worse is that it puts her back into his life which was finally starting to be somewhat normal. He smiles and laughs all the time now. He trusts us more. He’s sleeping.

She currently has 9 various charges filed against her. Four she committed while in jail. The other sad thing to note is that for $14,000 she could be out on bail, but has nobody to post it for her. She is a sick young lady. Hopefully she’ll choose to do what’s best for her son.


Photo credit: ABN2 / Foter / CC BY


3 thoughts on “She’s Back

  1. Yes…yes. They restarted my little one’s visit after 8 months (she is 3) and she regressed in more ways than one. She also started new things. I just am speechless at times with the decisions they make…smh. I pray your baby has a smooth transition.

    • Thank you, I’m sorry to hear about your little one’s regressions after visits resumed. I found out that luckily the visits won’t take place in jail, but once she gets a bed at in-patient rehab. She’ll be able to see him once a month. While it’s still not ideal, I’m thankful for small blessings at this point.

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