Sleeping with the Fishes

Ironman & Captain America!

Iron Man & Captain America!

Well, not literally, but the new fish tank is in Buddy’s room. I haven’t had goldfish since I was a kid. I just remember what a chore it was to keep the tank clean, so I was never that inclined to get another one. However, Buddy seemed so excited about getting his own fish that I figured, what the hell. Winning a goldfish is all a part of the fair experience! Plus, watching them is supposed to be very therapeutic, which is good for an anxiety ridden mother kid.

So, here I am sitting online, reading about goldfish, because I want to make sure I’m doing the right thing for these little guys, and it’s a lot more complicated than I ever remember! You just put water in a bowl and sprinkle some food in, right? Nooooooo! Do you know that they recommend 10 gallons of water per fish?! I originally bought a 5 gallon tank and thought that was more than enough. Then, I saw that there was a 10 gallon one for the same price, so I figured, while it still wasn’t what was recommended, would probably be a little bit better.

Oh and the little flake food… they get bored of it just like humans get bored eating the same old thing. So you have to give them other things once in a while like lettuce, cucumbers, peas or little freeze dried shrimp. No biggy I guess, they’d probably split a pea between the two of them.

To clean the tank, you don’t just dump out the old water and put in new when it gets gross. You have to take out 1/3 of the water once a week and clean it with a little vacuum because they’re very dirty little buggers. Then you have to totally clean it out once a month and replace the filter. The new water has to sit for 24 hours first thought. Also, don’t forget to put in 3 different tablets to make sure the water is safe for them to be in. Plus they needed a pirate ship, little plants and glass stones for the bottom (if I’m going to do this, I might as well go all out!).

So, Captain America (black fish) and Iron Man (orange fish) seem to be pretty happy in their new digs. Their owner really wants to play with their pirate ship and is not quite sure why they can’t share if he always has to. Mommy just can’t wait until he’s big enough to clean the tank out himself. We’ll probably be on to new fish before that happens!


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