Candy Apple Memories and Cotton Candy Dreams

ImageMy family has lived about a mile from the NYS fair for most of my life. I can’t remember a single summer when we didn’t go. I don’t know what the particular draw is for me. It’s not like it’s changed much, but there is just something about that aroma of fried food in the air, the interesting people that seem to come out of the woodwork and the thrill of winning a 50 cent goldfish for $5 that just brings out the little kid in me! Not to mention, we have Buddy this year and we can see it all through his eyes.

ImageTo tell you the truth, Buddy was just as thrilled that we were taking the shuttle bus from the mall to the fair as he was to see the animals and go on the rides. It’s easy to impress a two-year-old. He had been looking forward to this for the past couple of days, asking me several times a day when we’re going to see animals and go on rides, and the day was finally here!

ImageWe saw horses getting baths, cows getting baby oil rub downs before being showed, milked a fake cow, saw pigs that were sound asleep surrounded by their piglets, sheep being sheen, goats looking for head rubs, we held baby chicks, pet fuzzy bunnies, watched sea lions swim and even fed butterflies! He rode the swings, a cow, an atv, a car, a motorcycle, an airplane, a dump truck, an alligator, a dinosaur and went down a big slide with Daddy!

ImageThen we played a couple of games. He won a kick ball from picking ducks. He won a Minion when he helped Mommy pop a balloon on the water squirting game. He also won 2 gold fish when Mommy and Daddy each got a ping pong ball in a little fish bowl. I’m not sure what Mommy was thinking there, especially since we had to make a pit stop at Walmart on the way home to buy $60 in goldfish supplies! Iron Man and Captain America are currently hanging out in one of my mixing bowls until their aquarium water is all set.

ImageOf course we picked a day where they were expecting thunderstorms, but we got lucky and just had some rain in the evening. Buddy enjoyed jumping in every puddle he could find. It surly didn’t stop us from eating our way through the fair on maple cotton candy, blue raspberry kettle corn, caramel apples and of course, 25 cent chocolate milk!

ImageThere was a fleeting moment in my people watching that I wondered if we’d see Buddy’s bio-mom and the ramifications that could bring, but that thought went out as quickly as it went in. Buddy had a great time. There was only one minor meltdown when he was too little to go down a slide. So, Daddy went down and even bigger slide with him and then he cried because he wanted to do it again! Besides that, he did great, despite missing his nap and we all had a blast. I just beamed from ear to ear watching him beeping the horn on the cars and going around and around. I’m sure there is a picture of me somewhere riding a very similar ride a few years back!Image


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