You Can Take The Girl Out of the Burbs, But…

ImageOur trip to DC was good. We all had a nice time, especially Buddy, which is what is important. It was just TOO MUCH!

ImageI’m very much a suburban girl. I like that I can drive just about anywhere I need to go within 15 minutes. I like that I don’t have to deal with subways and traffic and when I walk somewhere, it’s for pleasure, not because it’s the only way to feasibly get from here to there. DC is very much a city and is overwhelming to me.

ImageOur hotel was divine. We had a nice suite with a living room area, a mini kitchen area and a bedroom. They had awesome breakfasts where we got made-to-order complimentary omelets and a delightful manager’s reception in the evening with (very strong) adult cocktails and snacks. ImageHowever, we were on the go everywhere in between. Walking to monuments and museums (sometimes 3 in one day!).

ImageI thought for sure I must have lost a few pounds walking, but I must have made up for it with the drinks and snacks! The food was extremely expensive and the choices were less than ideal. I paid $18 for a salad one day! A (disgusting baloney tasting) hotdog for Buddy was $6!

ImageWe had beautiful weather and it was fun to see segway tours zip by us or the silly duck boats drive down the street. Buddy enjoyed riding the Metro, seeing the dinosaurs, rocket ships and animals.

ImageHowever, I was so overwhelmed by the last day of our vacation that we skipped the last museum and I cried on the way home in frustration. I was glad to sleep in my own bed.

ImageThen our next task was a garage sale. Our attic was so packed with things that we needed desperately to get rid of. My awesome husband did 90% of the work and lugged box after box down two flights of stairs. We only made about $400 and a whole mini van’s worth of stuff went to the Rescue Mission, but it was nice to purge it all.

ImageI think I brought a lot of my own grief on what was supposed to be a nice family trip. I still don’t have a job and felt guilty for spending our savings while I’m not working. Yes, we deserved it, but it was hard to justify. I am just getting more and more nervous about not getting something as the school year rapidly approaches. I do have an interview on Monday and I plan on killing it! Keep your fingers crossed.

ImageIn the meantime, Buddy’s mom has not made contact with DSS since June, but has a very public Facebook page that she updated last week with new pictures of her and her latest girlfriend. It’s too bad that her priorities are not in the right place, but she has 47 short days until the TPR paperwork is filed. The caseworker said that the paperwork is already done, she’s just waiting for the magical 53 week mark to submit it.

ImageI need to start doing some yoga or meditation and slow my ever running brain down… one day at a time girl, one day at a time!



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