Sleeping with the Fishes

Ironman & Captain America!

Iron Man & Captain America!

Well, not literally, but the new fish tank is in Buddy’s room. I haven’t had goldfish since I was a kid. I just remember what a chore it was to keep the tank clean, so I was never that inclined to get another one. However, Buddy seemed so excited about getting his own fish that I figured, what the hell. Winning a goldfish is all a part of the fair experience! Plus, watching them is supposed to be very therapeutic, which is good for an anxiety ridden mother kid.

So, here I am sitting online, reading about goldfish, because I want to make sure I’m doing the right thing for these little guys, and it’s a lot more complicated than I ever remember! You just put water in a bowl and sprinkle some food in, right? Nooooooo! Do you know that they recommend 10 gallons of water per fish?! I originally bought a 5 gallon tank and thought that was more than enough. Then, I saw that there was a 10 gallon one for the same price, so I figured, while it still wasn’t what was recommended, would probably be a little bit better.

Oh and the little flake food… they get bored of it just like humans get bored eating the same old thing. So you have to give them other things once in a while like lettuce, cucumbers, peas or little freeze dried shrimp. No biggy I guess, they’d probably split a pea between the two of them.

To clean the tank, you don’t just dump out the old water and put in new when it gets gross. You have to take out 1/3 of the water once a week and clean it with a little vacuum because they’re very dirty little buggers. Then you have to totally clean it out once a month and replace the filter. The new water has to sit for 24 hours first thought. Also, don’t forget to put in 3 different tablets to make sure the water is safe for them to be in. Plus they needed a pirate ship, little plants and glass stones for the bottom (if I’m going to do this, I might as well go all out!).

So, Captain America (black fish) and Iron Man (orange fish) seem to be pretty happy in their new digs. Their owner really wants to play with their pirate ship and is not quite sure why they can’t share if he always has to. Mommy just can’t wait until he’s big enough to clean the tank out himself. We’ll probably be on to new fish before that happens!


Candy Apple Memories and Cotton Candy Dreams

ImageMy family has lived about a mile from the NYS fair for most of my life. I can’t remember a single summer when we didn’t go. I don’t know what the particular draw is for me. It’s not like it’s changed much, but there is just something about that aroma of fried food in the air, the interesting people that seem to come out of the woodwork and the thrill of winning a 50 cent goldfish for $5 that just brings out the little kid in me! Not to mention, we have Buddy this year and we can see it all through his eyes.

ImageTo tell you the truth, Buddy was just as thrilled that we were taking the shuttle bus from the mall to the fair as he was to see the animals and go on the rides. It’s easy to impress a two-year-old. He had been looking forward to this for the past couple of days, asking me several times a day when we’re going to see animals and go on rides, and the day was finally here!

ImageWe saw horses getting baths, cows getting baby oil rub downs before being showed, milked a fake cow, saw pigs that were sound asleep surrounded by their piglets, sheep being sheen, goats looking for head rubs, we held baby chicks, pet fuzzy bunnies, watched sea lions swim and even fed butterflies! He rode the swings, a cow, an atv, a car, a motorcycle, an airplane, a dump truck, an alligator, a dinosaur and went down a big slide with Daddy!

ImageThen we played a couple of games. He won a kick ball from picking ducks. He won a Minion when he helped Mommy pop a balloon on the water squirting game. He also won 2 gold fish when Mommy and Daddy each got a ping pong ball in a little fish bowl. I’m not sure what Mommy was thinking there, especially since we had to make a pit stop at Walmart on the way home to buy $60 in goldfish supplies! Iron Man and Captain America are currently hanging out in one of my mixing bowls until their aquarium water is all set.

ImageOf course we picked a day where they were expecting thunderstorms, but we got lucky and just had some rain in the evening. Buddy enjoyed jumping in every puddle he could find. It surly didn’t stop us from eating our way through the fair on maple cotton candy, blue raspberry kettle corn, caramel apples and of course, 25 cent chocolate milk!

ImageThere was a fleeting moment in my people watching that I wondered if we’d see Buddy’s bio-mom and the ramifications that could bring, but that thought went out as quickly as it went in. Buddy had a great time. There was only one minor meltdown when he was too little to go down a slide. So, Daddy went down and even bigger slide with him and then he cried because he wanted to do it again! Besides that, he did great, despite missing his nap and we all had a blast. I just beamed from ear to ear watching him beeping the horn on the cars and going around and around. I’m sure there is a picture of me somewhere riding a very similar ride a few years back!Image

Sing The Nerfs Yah, Yah Song Mommy!

My husband and I take turns putting Buddy to bed each night. He has sleep issues, so it can be a daunting task. We have a routine of bath, books, songs, then some cuddle time in the chair before being put in his crib.

One of his favorite songs for me to sing is Bah, Bah Black Sheep (he doesn’t even let Daddy sing him that one), but he had another request last night. He said, “Mommy sing the nerf yah, yah song!” The what? “Nerfs! Yah, yah, yah!” Oh, the Smurfs, La, La song!

The kid cracks me up! The Smurfs is one of his favorite movies, so we’re going to take him to see Smurfs 2 tomorrow. I’m sure it will be just Smurfy.

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You Can Take The Girl Out of the Burbs, But…

ImageOur trip to DC was good. We all had a nice time, especially Buddy, which is what is important. It was just TOO MUCH!

ImageI’m very much a suburban girl. I like that I can drive just about anywhere I need to go within 15 minutes. I like that I don’t have to deal with subways and traffic and when I walk somewhere, it’s for pleasure, not because it’s the only way to feasibly get from here to there. DC is very much a city and is overwhelming to me.

ImageOur hotel was divine. We had a nice suite with a living room area, a mini kitchen area and a bedroom. They had awesome breakfasts where we got made-to-order complimentary omelets and a delightful manager’s reception in the evening with (very strong) adult cocktails and snacks. ImageHowever, we were on the go everywhere in between. Walking to monuments and museums (sometimes 3 in one day!).

ImageI thought for sure I must have lost a few pounds walking, but I must have made up for it with the drinks and snacks! The food was extremely expensive and the choices were less than ideal. I paid $18 for a salad one day! A (disgusting baloney tasting) hotdog for Buddy was $6!

ImageWe had beautiful weather and it was fun to see segway tours zip by us or the silly duck boats drive down the street. Buddy enjoyed riding the Metro, seeing the dinosaurs, rocket ships and animals.

ImageHowever, I was so overwhelmed by the last day of our vacation that we skipped the last museum and I cried on the way home in frustration. I was glad to sleep in my own bed.

ImageThen our next task was a garage sale. Our attic was so packed with things that we needed desperately to get rid of. My awesome husband did 90% of the work and lugged box after box down two flights of stairs. We only made about $400 and a whole mini van’s worth of stuff went to the Rescue Mission, but it was nice to purge it all.

ImageI think I brought a lot of my own grief on what was supposed to be a nice family trip. I still don’t have a job and felt guilty for spending our savings while I’m not working. Yes, we deserved it, but it was hard to justify. I am just getting more and more nervous about not getting something as the school year rapidly approaches. I do have an interview on Monday and I plan on killing it! Keep your fingers crossed.

ImageIn the meantime, Buddy’s mom has not made contact with DSS since June, but has a very public Facebook page that she updated last week with new pictures of her and her latest girlfriend. It’s too bad that her priorities are not in the right place, but she has 47 short days until the TPR paperwork is filed. The caseworker said that the paperwork is already done, she’s just waiting for the magical 53 week mark to submit it.

ImageI need to start doing some yoga or meditation and slow my ever running brain down… one day at a time girl, one day at a time!


I Have Poop In My Eyes!

ImageNot me, but Buddy, of course. He was up at the crack of dawn this morning and I tried to get him to go back to sleep so I could go back to sleep. The thanks I get? He smears poop all over his crib! So, I hear him yelling, “my eyes, my eyes, I have poop in my eyes!”

I grab him, throw him in the tub, and scrub him head to toe. Then I scrub his crib. The joys of motherhood! If you remember from a previous post, my husband had to clean up after one of these episodes with Buddy about a month ago. Dr. Ferber can kiss my butt, because my kid gets so nervous that he poops himself when I let him cry in his crib.

Then I got to thinking… we leave for vacation tomorrow and the kid is going to have pink eye! So, I called my husband and told him what “his son” did (he’s always his son when he’s bad). Luckily he was in town and came home with some eye wash. Buddy is all about the boo boos, so he was really good about getting his eyes washed out with the solution 4 times today. Hopefully we were preventive enough, but who knows. So gross!

We’ll be off bright and early tomorrow morning at 5am. We’re heading down to the National Aquarium in Baltimore, MD and to DC from there. We’re staying right in the Capitol area. I didn’t want to have to take a bus from our hotel to the metro, then the metro to DC with a two year old, stroller and lugging gear. That’s too much of a hassle. So we’ll be right in the middle of everything. We plan on hitting the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, the Museum of Natural History, the Botanical Garden, see some monuments, take a duck boat ride, shop, relax by the pool and then go to the Children’s Museum on the way back. Hopefully fun will be had by all!

Photo credit: dulcelife / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

Hummus is Yummus

2013-07-31 23.40.58

I have a confession to make, I know I’m not a food blogger, but I am a foodie who has weight issues, so here is my latest dilemma… I am a hummus addict! It all started a few months back. I was previously on a guacamole kick and was looking to switch gears. I go for more savory foods than sweet. I looked at all the different kinds of hummus: red pepper, artichoke, garlic, black bean and then I saw Greek olive. Mmmm… that sounded good. I wiped out a container in no time flat. I realized my addiction was starting to get expensive as I was buying several containers at a time, so I decided to try and make my own.

If you don’t know, hummus is a creamy spread/dip that is made of chick peas/garbanzo beans. It’s good with veggies, crackers or use it as a spread on a sandwich or wrap. It’s good for you too. It has fiber and protein, but, like all things, should probably be eaten in moderation, unlike me who eats it all day long. I actually had to buy a new food processor because I broke my blender/food processor combo making so much hummus!

I perused the internet and found an awesome and simple hummus recipe from Joanne at Inspired Taste. It calls for tahini which is very expensive, so then I looked up a recipe for that. Anna from Popsugar helped me figure out that it’s basically sesame peanut butter. I’m too lazy to throw the seeds in the oven, so I just throw them in a saute pan on the stove with some cooking spray and it works just fine. Just be conservative with the olive oil. Go light on the salt in the hummus recipe too because canned chick peas are already salty (as are the olives). After I’ve made the hummus, I throw a jar of kalamata olives in the food processor and spread it on top. I have been in hummus heaven ever since. I dip chunks of red and green peppers, sliced carrots and my fav is jicama. If you’ve never tried it before, it’s equally as awesome as hummus. It’s a big tan colored root that taste like a cross between a potato and an apple. Crunchy but a little sweet and soooo good.

Hummus is not for everyone, my husband and Buddy tell me it’s stinky, but I like it and that means more for me! My friend’s six year old’s favorite food is hummus and he eats it on bread. So, if you decide to join Team Hummus and give it a try, be careful or you’ll become an addict like me. I made myself hungry writing this post, so I’m getting some hummus, don’t judge. Next week I’ll get a fill and try to ween myself off of eating so much of the creamy goodness.