With Great Power Comes Great Responsiblity

2013-06-30 13.34.23

The past few weeks have been crazy and I haven’t posted as much as I want to, but I’m sure that’s how most summer’s go for people. So, this post will be on the long side, but I included some cute pics!

Unfortunately my husband’s step-mother passed away. Emotions have been running high for hubby and we did a lot of traveling back and forth for services to his hometown. I’m truly sorry that I never met his step-mom, she seemed like an amazingly selfless woman who always put others before herself as a nurse, a sister, and a mom, as well as a great cook who served and supported her church and community. Hubby’s father passed only 5 years into their marriage, but they are together again in heaven. They say deaths come in threes and that is my third in the past few months, so please let that be it for quite some time.

2013-07-04 16.44.04

On a lighter note, we had fun with family for the fourth, enjoyed way too much food, Buddy played with his cousins and had a refreshing dip in my sister’s new pool!

2013-07-05 11.43.34

I also got to spend some time with an old friend and we brought the kids to the zoo. It was Buddy’s first time there and he had a lot of fun seeing all the different animals. He was passed out before we even left the parking lot! Here he is checking out the elephants.

2013-07-07 14.39.39

The following day we went to the Sterling Renaissance Festival. It was a good time and something different, especially since I’ve never been before. Buddy is really into pirates and anyone with a sword, so he had fun seeing the costumes and watching the skits. They had games and rides and we rode a war horse and a camel (those pics are on hubby’s phone, unfortunately)! Hubby showed Buddy how to shoot a bow and arrow and Buddy told us “left or right” as we navigated a maze that ended with a fun slide.

Buddy’s bio-mom is still MIA and all visits have been cancelled. This takes some stress off of me for the time being as I won’t have to bring him there and deal with her hostility. Especially since Buddy got a new, short haircut that bio-mom would surely flip over! Also, she didn’t know about his doctor’s appointment, so that was drama free and shot free! It was just a routine foster care follow up visit and they were happy with his progress and growth.

The home visit with the caseworker went fine. She cleared up some things for me. I thought that the permanency hearing was where they decided to terminate parental rights, but I was wrong. It’s a hearing in front of a judge that has to happen every six months to make sure everyone is doing their job and see how bio-mom is progressing. I thought that was what the Service Plan Review was for, but I guess one is in front of a judge and the other is in front of a representative from Catholic Charities. The caseworker said that on Buddy’s 53rd week in foster care she will file the paperwork for TPR, then it will be filed around October 1 and a hearing will be scheduled. If bio-mom shows up, she can sign over rights to us. Chances are she will not show up or sign over rights, so it would be an involuntary surrender. She can then appeal. Hopefully she will stay MIA and we won’t have to worry about any of that. We’ll have to see.

buddy bear

While at the mall looking for a suit for hubby, we thought that maybe we could get Buddy a Build-a-Bear and train him to self sooth at night and relieve some anxiety by hugging that instead of touching his boo boos. He has a bunch of different stuffed animals, but doesn’t really bother with them. Recently we were at Wendy’s for lunch and the Spider Man movie was on TV and he was enthralled! So he made a bear with a Spider Man outfit and named him Spidey Bear. He loves the bear and it seems to be helping so far. My brother watched Buddy for us while we were at the funeral on Sunday and he took him to a bounce house. A lady asked him his name and he told her it was Spider Man and shot his webs at her! He has a very vivid imagination.


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