Just Rewards

ImageBuddy has been doing well with potty training. He does the best at daycare and will actually go to the bathroom on his own! He is even wearing big boy underwear now! He only wears a pull-up at nap time and bedtime. Buddy completed his sticker chart and we brought him to Chuck E Cheese for his efforts (see more about our Chuck E Cheese fiasco below!).

Buddy's new potty chart.

Buddy’s new potty chart.

At home, we have more difficulty when he’s not in pull-ups however. I will put him on the toilet several times and he won’t go and then he’ll run around in wet pants, unphased by it. We will try another sticker chart. I am almost done with school, so there will be no excuses but to put a full time effort into it. We even brought his Elmo potty chair downstairs, so he has easy access since our only bathroom is upstairs. He will get a sticker for each success on the potty (one for him & one for the chart) and at the end of each row, he can get a Hot Wheel/Matchbox Car. Then, when the chart is complete, he can go to the bounce house. Hopefully he’ll be fully trained by the end of the month (fingers crossed)!


So, Buddy had a wonderful time at Chuck E Cheese, but Mommy thought it was hell! NEVER GO TO CHUCK E CHEESE ON THE WEEKEND!!! We technically went on a Friday and we went at 4:30, so I thought we’d beat the crowd, but there were 4 birthday parties plus other families there already. The gross pizza took forever. The salad bar was not well maintained and the bathrooms were disgusting. Plus, Buddy is too young to do most of the stuff there. It was very crowded and he wanted to run from ride to ride or game. Well, as Mommy dutifully followed him around, we notice a pair of jeans lying on the ground. I thought to myself, what Mother let’s their child run around in public without pants! Then, I looked down. It was my kid! I am the terrible mother with the half naked child! I quickly stuck him back in his drawers and looked around in horror as my husband flew across the room toward us. He said, “I watched him shimmy out of the pants as you were walking away!” I tried calling to you, but it’s so loud in here!” He has no butt or hips to hold jeans up well. He’s usually in more sporty pants. What was I thinking?! I had enough by this point and it was time to go. We won’t be going back anytime soon.


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