Enjoying the Spring Weather


We’re finally getting some nice weather here in Central New York and we’re taking advantage of it as much as we can. We picked up a Spiderman sprinkler a while back for a buck at a garage sale and recently got Buddy a little pool. He had a blast in the mind-numbingly ice cold water. I ran through the sprinkler with him as Spiderman sprayed water out of his hands where his webs would come out and he spun around. He really wanted me to sit down in the pool, but all I could handle was standing in it for a few minutes and jumping back out! Frannie the dog indulged him though and she laid right down to cool off.

2013-06-01 17.19.24

Shaky the cat watched the festivities from a safe distance.


Despite all the fresh air, we still have such a hard time getting Buddy to sleep, whether for naps or at bedtime. So, instead of fighting with him, I took him and the dog for a nice long walk. He passed right out. I was able to get exercise in, he got his nap and we got to enjoy the nice weather together.


It was a nice weekend, which continued into the week since bio-mom didn’t show yet again for her visit, giving us a 3 week reprieve. Keep it up lady, he’s closer and closer to being our little man!


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