Dealing with Unknown Health Issues



One thing that makes me nervous for Buddy is the unknown as far as his health is concerned. His mom has obvious mental health and drug dependency issues and it’s always a possibility he could have them or a side effect from them, some day as well. His mom is also a compulsive liar and the health history she has given us has proven to be false. My mom, who was adopted, has had to deal with the same unknowns in her life. While she was able to find her birth mother, she doesn’t know anything about her birth father’s side of the family. Yesterday, she had to undergo a double mastectomy after finding out her breast cancer had returned.

My mom is a really strong woman and I love her very much. The first time she had breast cancer, she had to undergo a lumpectomy and then chemo and radiation. Not wanting to go through the ordeal again, she elected to endure a six hour surgery to remove and reconstruct her breasts. It was successful and initial test results show that they were able to remove all of the cancer. Hopefully, when the other tests come back in a few days, she will indeed be cancer free. Both instances of my mom’s breast cancer were only detectable because of yearly mammogram screenings. I know I will be scheduling my first one soon.

I’m sorry that my mom has had to endure this pain, yet, I’m glad that it was caught early enough to be treated. I’m grateful to her that I’m able to be proactive about my health as well. While we may not know what’s in store for our little Buddy down the road, at least he’ll know that he has a loving and supporting family to help him through any obstacles he may encounter.


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