Is There Time For a Hobby with a Toddler?



My husband and I need to find new hobbies! We used to do things like go out to dinner, see movies and peruse garage and estate sales. Well, when you’ve had gastric bypass or lapband surgery and have a two-year old, those things aren’t so easy to do anymore.

Movies are totally out of the question. Buddy is too young to sit through an entire movie. We can do Pixar or Disney movies at home, but any non-cartoon movie would have to be put on after he’s asleep and we’d likely fall asleep watching it ourselves.

We can go out to eat, but my husband and I can only eat small portions and Buddy is in the midst of his terrible twos. Sports themed restaurants have a-million-and-one TVs and are way too over-stimulating for him to handle. Places that offer crayons, are just inviting him to color anything within reach and eventually throw them. He likes to play apps on my iphone, but if there isn’t wifi, he’s limited in what he can do and becomes frustrated.


We have to cool it on the garage sales! Last week my husband, who is a nurse who visits people in their homes, was in the midst of a neighborhood-wide garage sale. He called me up to say there was an activity table that included a heliport, police station, post office and had bins underneath for only $25. I said we didn’t have the room for a big item like that. He insisted that it wasn’t much bigger than the blanket chest we currently had, so we could just put it in its place. I hesitantly agreed if we could pick it up the following day. Well, my husband’s dimension figuring was quite off. This thing was huge! Our dining room looks more like a playroom with a table in it now! We need to move just to get a house that will accommodate all of the toys we’ve accumulated. Hubby is not the only one to blame. I also got Buddy a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Dora & Diego and a farm play dough sets (Buddy playing with a dentist play dough kid above), a doctor’s kit and some books, while at the garage sale.


So, what to do, what to do! I walk the dog. Chasing a toddler around takes up a good amount of my time (Super Bud is so fast, it’s hard to take his picture. See blur above!). I have tried crocheting, but can only do straight lines. I’m better at cooking than baking because I don’t like to measure. I haven’t had much luck with gardening. Hmmm, we’ll have to come up with something… maybe competitive thumb wrestling? LOL

What I do know is that there are only a few more weeks left of school and I’m really looking forward to dividing my time between the beach and the pool!

Photo Credit:, Man vs. Himself: Three Killer Reasons to Twiddle Your Thumbs at Work


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