Swiper, No Swiping!


We have been reading a lot of Dora and Diego books with Buddy lately. He liked the one we had and, to avoid reading it a million and one times, we got a bunch from the library and pick them up here and there. You know Swiper that sneaky cat fox that is always getting into trouble? Apparently he lives in our house!

Swiper seems to be responsible whenever anything is amiss. Buddy’s sticker is gone from when he went potty. “Swipper did that!” Even though he has taken it on and off a million times and it probably no longer sticks, so is on the floor somewhere. When picking up blocks and one is missing, it is definitely not under the couch, “Swiper (took) my block!”

Now, our orange tabby cat, who avoids Buddy, but seems to like his room, is known for swiping the other cat’s food. He has been aptly renamed Swiper. “No Swiper, No! Oh Man.” He plays both parts. 🙂

Then, the other day, when Buddy pooped in his diaper, I said, “you need to tell Mommy when you have to go poop I can put you on the potty.” He looked at me surprised and said “Swiper did that!” “Huh? Swiper put the poop in your diaper?” I asked. “Yes!” he said, nodding his head emphatically.

That darn Swipper!


Photo credit: http://www.popmatters.com/pm/feature/swiper-no-swiping-the-demonology-of-dora-the-explorer/, Viacom International Inc., Nick Jr.


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