Serious Man Topics


I overheard the most serious conversation the other day between two male teachers. A “newer” dad was talking to a “veteran” dad about all the trouble he is having potty training his 3 year old.

The newer dad expressed his frustrations saying that he had tried EVERYTHING to get his son to use the toilet consistently. The veteran dad asked if he tried rewards or taking him to the bathroom when Daddy goes. Newer dad said, “Of course I’ve tried all those things, but he’d still rather go in his pants or on the floor!”

First of all, isn’t that the cutest conversation for men to have together? 🙂

Second, I couldn’t help myself but put in my two cents because of my veteran potty training expertise experience. I asked him who cleans it up. “I do, he’s grossed out by it,” said the newer dad. “Good, all the better reason to make him clean up his accidents,” said the experienced potty trainer of 3 whole months (me)!

The boy is getting better at using the toilet now. Maybe he can come over and help my kid do it! lol

Photo credit: minjungkim / / CC BY-NC


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