We All Have Our Rought Days Once In a While


Buddy always has a rough time after a visit with his mom. I’m sure most foster children do. Since he’s only two, he has a hard time verbalizing what exactly is bothering him. When he came back from his visit on Monday, he was pretty sad. I asked him if he was sad because of his visit with Mommy M and he nodded his head. I don’t know if he was sad because he had to see her, sad because he had to leave her or sad because he’s confused about what’s going on. It’s probably a combination. Well, while he’s usually a little “off” the day after a visit, he never acts out at daycare, until yesterday.

It was the first time the daycare girl told me he had a really rough day. He’s usually a model child at daycare. He plays well with the other kids, he takes turns and he does what he’s told. He eats every bit of his meals, no matter what she serves. He stays dry all day and even went to the potty all by himself one day! This is different from at home where he can sometimes throw fits about sitting on the toilet, reward chart or not. He is also picky about his food and something he loves one day, he’ll refuse to eat another day. He will also hit my husband and me if he is upset, but has gotten a little better with that. (He hit me last night, hurting his thumb in the process and then wanted me to kiss it! Gotta love it!)

Well, it turns out he had a couple of accidents in his pull-up yesterday at daycare and also hit kids. When we came home, my husband and I talked about it with him and he felt really bad about hitting his friends. He cried about it and kept talking about it all night how he hit his friends and wanted to go over and tell them he was sorry. I told him that it was okay and that everybody makes mistakes. However, I thought how funny it was that he felt bad about hitting his friends, but hitting Mommy and Daddy was no big deal!

So, Buddy went over this morning with my husband and told the kids he was sorry for hitting them. He got shy about it and didn’t want to say it at first, but he managed to get the words out eventually. Now he’s back to his usual entertaining self, roaring like a dinosaur, playing and using the potty like a big boy!

Photo credit: Pink Sherbet Photography / Foter.com / CC BY


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