I Lost My Houseman! (sniff, sniff)


Hubby went back to work this week. His six weeks of recovery time after gastric bypass surgery is up. It went by fast for me, so I’m sure that it flew by for him. While it was difficult taking care of Buddy mostly by myself (he had a weight lifting restriction), Hubby helped out around the house. I had my own personal houseman!

After Hubby started feeling a little better, he started doing a lot of the household chores that I would have been too exhausted to do. I would take the laundry down to the basement and he would wash it all. Buddy and I would dirty the dishes and he would wash them. Buddy and I would mess up the house and Hubby would pick up after us. It was awesome! He even organized the basement; something I wouldn’t have gotten to in a million years!

Mother’s Day was my last day to bask in the glory. I got was the opportunity to sleep in until 9am! Then I got hugs and kisses from Buddy and a sweet card, a double heart necklace from Buddy (and Daddy) and even a gift card from my furry “children.” Buddy even gave me a nice drawing of his hand prints with a poem from daycare. Then hubby preceded to clean the house, sweeping and mopping the floors.  I even took a nap. It was a wonderful day.

Now we are back to reality. It’s all good though. We can share the chores and get things done together. Work took it easy on him yesterday. Hopefully the rest of the week won’t do him in. I know that he still isn’t up to full speed yet, but he’s looking pretty svelte! He’s lost about 30 lbs. since the surgery (80 lbs. since starting the process). I’m really proud of him and also realizing I better start hitting the gym again, especially after eating a whole pint of Fro Yo yesterday! Oops!

Photo credit: Dale Foshe – Dogwood Photography / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA


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