Got OK To Have Ears Lowered!


When we had court recently, the caseworker asked the judge if we could get Buddy’s hair cut. In case you missed my previous post, we are not allowed to cut his hair without his mom’s permission. She said that she wanted it to grow out so he can have a ponytail. In the meantime, it was getting snarly, was in his face, and made him hot and sweaty. Plus, people were referring to him as a girl. The judge said that it was an issue to be left up to the lawyer and caseworker to decide. He did not want to micromanage. Luckily, they said they would support our decision to cut his hair.

The daycare girl read a book about getting haircuts and we psyched Buddy up for his big day. We went to this awesome place called Sharky’s Kids and Cuts. They have little cars for kids to sit in with working wheels and horns and individual TVs with cartoons playing. They also have bigger TVs with Netflix or XBox for the older kids. Buddy got a kick out of sitting in the Buzz Lightyear car. However, it took a little while for the hairdresser to get to him, so he started to get impatient. Especially since the car really doesn’t go anywhere. So, when it was his turn, he sat on my lap in one of the big kid chairs and he got to watch the Lorax and he did awesome!

The girl who did his hair was great with him and another girl helped distract him when he initially started to fuss. He enjoyed his movie, got a sticker, a balloonand a bookmark. It was a little pricey at $17 plus tip (my sister brings her boys to a place that only charges $5), but I wanted someone who works with kids all the time (it’s not for everyone, I couldn’t do it!) for his first haircut with us and not knowing how he was going to react. So, I thought it was an awesome deal and his hair looks great! It’s the same style only shorter and more well kept. The hairdresser even sent him a postcard thanking him for coming in! His first piece of mail; he liked that!

I was nervous about his visit with his mom. I called the girl who supervises the visit to let her know about the haircut just in case mom blew a gasket. Well… she didn’t even notice!! All that fuss for nothing, we‘re all happy and he’s stylin’!

Photo credit: Micah Taylor / / CC BY-NC-SA


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