Stall Tactics

I like to keep as much of a routine for Buddy as I can. I think kids thrive on routine anyway, but I think it’s especially important for a foster child to have predictability. Bedtime routine for Buddy is no different… but he likes to procrastinate.
After dinner Buddy can watch a little TV or go outside and play. Then he has a small snack, takes a bath or shower and puts on PJs. Next, we read a couple stories and then it’s lights out with several songs (twinkle twinkle, etc.).
Well, night time is an anxious time for Buddy, so he stalls. He wants to sleep on the couch or he wants to sleep on his bookshelf. He needs to give Daddy another kiss or hug. He needs to go potty. He needs a drink of water. He wants socks or he doesn’t want socks, etc.
Well, blood or not, that little man is following in Mommy’s footsteps because I was the EXACT same way when I was a kid! My finger would hurt, then my toe, then I needed to tell my mom something, my sister and I would fight about something and on and on. My mom would have a field day knowing this one!
I’ll start to yawn and say, “Boy, I’m soooo sleepy!” Then he’ll say, “I’m sleepy too.” Buddy inevitably gives in to sleep once he’s exhausted all known two-year old excuses. He’ll cuddle with me in the chair for about 10 minutes and then I put him in his crib. I’ll play a couple of rounds of Ruzzle on my phone and then he’ll be out.
He’s such a good boy!

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