Mommy’s Little Dinosaur!


The other day I talked with a friend I hadn’t seen in a while. She’d never seen Buddy and we had wanted to get together, so we decided to go out and get some ice cream at Friendly’s.

They sat us in a section with two other families who also had children in high chairs. There was a little girl who was a little older than Buddy and a little boy who was younger. At first Buddy was real quiet. He gets like that when he meets new people. Then after a little while, he opened up.

Buddy is also an enormous flirt! It doesn’t matter if it’s a young girl or a mature woman, he turns on the charm! So, he decided to roar like a dinosaur at the little girl across from him. At first she looked scared or shocked. The next thing I know, she’s smiling at him and egging him on! Then the little boy started roaring. Then the girl started roaring too! I said to Buddy, “Shhh, quiet, you need to whisper.” So he quietly roared at the other kids. Then the other kids roared back and we’re at full volume again!

It was hilarious and embarrassing all at the same time! At least he’s only 2 and at least we were in a family oriented place like Friendly’s. So, I offered my apologies to the other families, but they were fine with it.

Then it was time for the little girl and her family to leave. So, she sadly said good bye and waved to him, and he pathetically did the same. Then he looked over at me. I said, “what, do you want her phone number?” and in his sweet little voice he said “yeah” and nodded his head!


2 thoughts on “Mommy’s Little Dinosaur!

  1. Sooooo cute haha!! I love that with little things like that kids can make you appreciate a simple lunch at Friendly’s so much more. If we could all be as happy and care free as them!

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