Hug a Teacher or a Student Today


I know I already talked about this topic and this is not the reason why most of my followers read my blog, but as I sit here in near tears, I have to get it off my chest because that’s the purpose of me having this blog after all. TESTING SUCKS!!!!!

My students just finished three days of math testing. They had 3 days of English testing last week. The state of NY has adopted the “Common Core Standards.” In theory, common core looks great. There is less material to cover, you just go more in depth with it. Well, these tests were ridiculous! The English test had science and social studies type documents instead of literature. The 8th grade math was mostly algebra that they’d learn in high school! These poor teachers and students work their tails off all year and for what?

The state stresses that teachers need to be more rigorous and encourage our children to use higher level thinking. Part of that includes creativity! Where is the creativity part of these multiple choice, essay and fill in the blank bubble tests?

A bunch of idiots, who never taught a day in their life, or who taught at some high class suburban school, sat in their cushy offices and devised these tests in their power suits and six figure incomes. Meanwhile, stressed out, over worked, underpaid teachers worry if they’ll have a job the next year based on how well their students do on a test that’s impossible to prepare for!

When, in all of this preparing for testing and giving of testing, do we prepare children for life? How do they ever gain life skills? Maybe if we focused less on testing and focused more on what kid’s do well, we would have more productive citizens. Maybe there would be less bombings and mass shootings (a bit of a stretch, I know, but it’s worth thinking about!).

I originally was excited about working in a charter school because it was considered an “alternative” education. I thought that meant that we could get around the public school mentality of thinking. In reality, they have to follow the same state regulations and prove themselves even more to keep on running. It’s a never ending battle.

So, if your kids have gone through 2 weeks of agonizing testing, please give them a big hug from me, because I’m sure they tried their absolute best and I’m sure they could use a little recognition for going through it all. If you know a teacher, tell them how much you appreciate all the dedication and hard work they do on a regular basis.


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