Messy Marvette


I am a messy person when I eat. My dad always called me Messy Marvin as a kid. It’s something I’ve never out grown. It sounds really stupid, but I guess I don’t have good eye to mouth coordination! Tuck something into my shirt you say? It doesn’t matter, I’ll miss it. The key is to wear shirts with prints or patterns!

Today, as my students sat through their 5th day of state testing, I decided to share the mini bagel and apple sauce they were served. The cream cheese splat on my pants and then on to my shoe. Then, my first spoonful of apple sauce dripped on my shirt and then three drips onto my pants. At lunch I had seafood salad, then went to talk to a colleague. She asked what that was on my shirt… seafood salad of course! Good thing she was a friend and we could laugh it off.

In contrast, Buddy is one of the neatest toddlers I’ve ever seen. As soon as he gets anything on his hands he asks for a towel! We go through wipes like they’re going out of style. Don’t get me wrong, give the boy a bowl of spaghetti, his favorite, or an ice cream cone and the joy will be smeared all over his face, but he is only two! Oh well, just a day in the life!


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