I Never Thought I’d Have a Problem Losing Too Much Weight!


Hubby has been recovering from his gastric bypass surgery slowly but surely. I think it’s true that nurses make the worst patients! He’s not getting the protein in that he should, but now that he can eat some soft food like scrambled eggs, so he’s doing a little better. I, on the other hand, have been having issues.

I mentioned before how I had lapband surgery. Well, I went to the surgeon and he took out some saline from my band to lessen the amount of restriction I have. That helped with my bad acid reflux at night, but I still couldn’t eat much. It turns out I lost about 25 lbs. in 6 months. The surgeon said that wasn’t good and I shouldn’t be losing so much weight! “Well, that’s why I’m here doc!”

So they ordered an upper GI for me to see what was going on. It was supposed to take place during my spring break, but they didn’t schedule it until 2 weeks after. Then they called me the Friday before my appointment to tell me they want to postpone it another week because one of the machine’s broke down! I said I really can’t wait any longer! I have been living on yogurt and soup for weeks now, so they squeezed me in.

They made me sip this horrible chalky barium stuff and expected me to KEEP drinking it. After awhile I said, if I try to drink anymore I’m going to throw up! So they let me stop and take another picture. It’s not going down. They make me wait a while and take another one. It’s still not going down. Finally they tell me I’m done and to get dressed. So I headed back to work.

As soon as I get to work, I get a phone call from the doctor’s office, “are you on your way here?” Umm, no, I’m at work! “Well, we really need you to come in.” Well, why didn’t they tell me that when I was across the street getting an x-ray!

I get to the doctor’s office and the PA says, “we really need to do something about your lapband!” No duh! I asked if it was out of place and she said no, but that my esophagus was all but swollen shut, so none of the barium I swallowed for the test was going down. She asked, “why didn’t the doctor take all of the fluid out the last time you were here?” I don’t know, I’m the patient, shouldn’t you know?” She took about 3cc’s of saline out and hopefully I can heal up. I asked the PA why it happened to begin with. She said sometimes if you get a stomach bug or something it will happen. I don’t remember getting one, but whatever. Then she says, “the doctor doesn’t recommend lapbands anymore you know. He hardly ever does them anymore.” Well, he’s the one who put it in me 2 years ago, so what am I supposed to do about it now?

The whole reason why I went with the lapband as opposed to the gastric bypass is because they don’t recommend that you get pregnant after the bypass. I did have hopes of having a baby, but who knows at this point. The PA said that most people who would get the lapband are now getting the gastric sleeve which is where they cut off part of your stomach and staple it up like a sleeve. It’s a little less invasive than the bypass and the recovery time is quicker. You don’t feel as uncomfortable as you do with the lapband.

So, I don’t know what my future holds. The PA told me I could possibly gain 10-15 lbs. back without all the fluid in my band. I’ve already gained back 3 lbs. I just want my esophagus to heal and then I’ll have to talk to my doctor about what to do from there. I’m glad to have lost the weight, but I didn’t expect all these complications! Hopefully my husband will have better luck with his procedure than me.

Photo credit: c r i s / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND


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