I’m Not So Bad, Am I?


I will never claim to be mother of the year. Being a mom is a relatively new experience for me. I second guess myself all the time because of my own insecurities. I also don’t want to screw up Buddy anymore than he has been in his two short years. However, when other people put me down for choices I’ve made, it’s like a slap to the face. It makes me question who I am and what my place is in life.

No two children are alike. They all move at their own pace and rhythm. I started potty training Buddy because the doctor suggested that it may be the reason why he was getting backaches. It turns out that it was. We have had some setbacks. He doesn’t always like to use the potty at home. He will whine and get off, despite daily sticker rewards, a matchbox truck after 7 successes and a trip to Chuck E Cheese after 28 successes. He’s peed on my bedroom floor. He’s peed in my husband’s new slippers. He even peed in the nightstand. What I say to Buddy is, “we don’t pee on the floor. We only pee in the potty.” Then I spray some cleaner and give him a paper towel to clean it up. Do I expect Buddy to do an immaculate job? No, I just want him to know that it’s not acceptable to do what he did. Yes, he’s only two. I also expect Buddy to pick up his toys with help, put his clothes in the hamper and put his dishes in the sink. He can do it, he’s very independent and he likes to help.

What I don’t appreciate is when other people, who think that, since they’ve already raised their boys, or they’ve gone through whatever, think they can tell me what to do. I was told that he’s too young to be potty trained and by starting him so early, he’ll be a bed wetter. Well, guess what? Buddy must have heard this because he stayed dry through the night! He woke up at 3:30am. He was still dry, so I asked him if he had to go potty and he did. When I got him up at 7:30, he was still dry!

I know I am new to motherhood and I’ll make mistakes, but I have been a babysitter and a teacher and an aunt. I read info online. I’m not a dummy! I’m open to suggestions. I run things by my friends all the time. That’s how I found out that if I give Buddy a small snack before bed that he’ll sleep through the night much easier.

I TRY MY BEST!! I look back on days that haven’t gone well and I think about what I could have done differently because it’s a learning process. I also have to look at things from a different perspective since he’s a child in care and I haven’t had him since day one. I don’t tell other people how to raise their kids. They also haven’t gone through what I’ve gone through. This is my third foster child! Losing the last one was like death. I wish I could be a stay at home mom. I wish I could have kids of own. But I can’t. I’ve had to do things differently, so let me and back off.

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Hug a Teacher or a Student Today


I know I already talked about this topic and this is not the reason why most of my followers read my blog, but as I sit here in near tears, I have to get it off my chest because that’s the purpose of me having this blog after all. TESTING SUCKS!!!!!

My students just finished three days of math testing. They had 3 days of English testing last week. The state of NY has adopted the “Common Core Standards.” In theory, common core looks great. There is less material to cover, you just go more in depth with it. Well, these tests were ridiculous! The English test had science and social studies type documents instead of literature. The 8th grade math was mostly algebra that they’d learn in high school! These poor teachers and students work their tails off all year and for what?

The state stresses that teachers need to be more rigorous and encourage our children to use higher level thinking. Part of that includes creativity! Where is the creativity part of these multiple choice, essay and fill in the blank bubble tests?

A bunch of idiots, who never taught a day in their life, or who taught at some high class suburban school, sat in their cushy offices and devised these tests in their power suits and six figure incomes. Meanwhile, stressed out, over worked, underpaid teachers worry if they’ll have a job the next year based on how well their students do on a test that’s impossible to prepare for!

When, in all of this preparing for testing and giving of testing, do we prepare children for life? How do they ever gain life skills? Maybe if we focused less on testing and focused more on what kid’s do well, we would have more productive citizens. Maybe there would be less bombings and mass shootings (a bit of a stretch, I know, but it’s worth thinking about!).

I originally was excited about working in a charter school because it was considered an “alternative” education. I thought that meant that we could get around the public school mentality of thinking. In reality, they have to follow the same state regulations and prove themselves even more to keep on running. It’s a never ending battle.

So, if your kids have gone through 2 weeks of agonizing testing, please give them a big hug from me, because I’m sure they tried their absolute best and I’m sure they could use a little recognition for going through it all. If you know a teacher, tell them how much you appreciate all the dedication and hard work they do on a regular basis.

Messy Marvette


I am a messy person when I eat. My dad always called me Messy Marvin as a kid. It’s something I’ve never out grown. It sounds really stupid, but I guess I don’t have good eye to mouth coordination! Tuck something into my shirt you say? It doesn’t matter, I’ll miss it. The key is to wear shirts with prints or patterns!

Today, as my students sat through their 5th day of state testing, I decided to share the mini bagel and apple sauce they were served. The cream cheese splat on my pants and then on to my shoe. Then, my first spoonful of apple sauce dripped on my shirt and then three drips onto my pants. At lunch I had seafood salad, then went to talk to a colleague. She asked what that was on my shirt… seafood salad of course! Good thing she was a friend and we could laugh it off.

In contrast, Buddy is one of the neatest toddlers I’ve ever seen. As soon as he gets anything on his hands he asks for a towel! We go through wipes like they’re going out of style. Don’t get me wrong, give the boy a bowl of spaghetti, his favorite, or an ice cream cone and the joy will be smeared all over his face, but he is only two! Oh well, just a day in the life!


S/he’s So Beautiful To Me!


Buddy is a gorgeous child with light blonde curly locks, bright blue eyes, long, full eye lashes and fair skin. He is a big flirt, loves people and will interact with anyone who with look his way. To me, he is ALL BOY! He will roar like a dinosaur, point out trucks and motorcycles and pretend anything is a sword (must be something from a previous home because no such weapons at our house!).

I brought Buddy to Five Guys yesterday because I forgot to take something out for dinner. He absolutely went nuts for the cheeseburger and french fries, eating as much as I did and, since they didn’t have milk, he had the added treat of a light strawberry lemonade.

People always make nice comments on how cute/beautiful/well behaved, etc. he is. Well, as his hair continues to grow, people have started to call him a girl! Now I think, just looking at his face, he looks like a boy, but I guess he’d make an equally cute girl. However, I don’t dress him like a girl. Yesterday, for instance, he was wearing a red t-shirt with a robot with big googly eyes riding a dinosaur and track-type pants. One couple came over to me and said, “your little girl has the most beautiful blue eyes!” I just said thank you without correcting her. Then a few minutes later, a man came over and said, “SHE is so well behaved and hardly made a mess!” This time I corrected him and said, “thank you, but he’s a boy.” and he said, “oh, well, I guess the fair skin and eyes threw me off!” Umm… really? Boys don’t ever have fair hair and blue eyes?

I know it’s because his hair has gotten so long. The poor kid sweats through his head and those curls are soaked as he runs around and plays. I so badly want to pin it back with some barrettes! His bio-mom won’t let us cut it. I don’t want to do anything drastic, like shave his head, I just want it trimmed, but I know it’s a control issue. She says she wants him to have a pony tail, but that won’t keep his bangs out of his eyes. I comb them to the side and slick his hair back with water in the morning, but by the time he comes home from daycare, it’s basically a white boy version of an afro, with clown-like puffs of curls around the sides and back. Poor boy!

As I mentioned before, I’d like to try to make a connection with Buddy’s bio-mom. She usually attends his weekly visits (she was “sick” this week), so I thought I’d send some pictures with him and a little notebook to update her on what he’s been doing. Yes, I know I have an ulterior motive, but I do want her to know that we really do have Buddy’s best interest at heart. I want her to trust me enough to cut his hair. I want her to trust me enough to take him on vacation with us.

I was also thinking about Mother’s Day. I saw a cute DIY where you press the child’s fingerprint in clay and make it into a necklace. I figured I could make them for grandma and for me too!

It’s ultimately up to her to decide what is best for her son. She hasn’t had his best interest at heart for the past eight months, so I guess we’ll have to see if anything changes.


I Never Thought I’d Have a Problem Losing Too Much Weight!


Hubby has been recovering from his gastric bypass surgery slowly but surely. I think it’s true that nurses make the worst patients! He’s not getting the protein in that he should, but now that he can eat some soft food like scrambled eggs, so he’s doing a little better. I, on the other hand, have been having issues.

I mentioned before how I had lapband surgery. Well, I went to the surgeon and he took out some saline from my band to lessen the amount of restriction I have. That helped with my bad acid reflux at night, but I still couldn’t eat much. It turns out I lost about 25 lbs. in 6 months. The surgeon said that wasn’t good and I shouldn’t be losing so much weight! “Well, that’s why I’m here doc!”

So they ordered an upper GI for me to see what was going on. It was supposed to take place during my spring break, but they didn’t schedule it until 2 weeks after. Then they called me the Friday before my appointment to tell me they want to postpone it another week because one of the machine’s broke down! I said I really can’t wait any longer! I have been living on yogurt and soup for weeks now, so they squeezed me in.

They made me sip this horrible chalky barium stuff and expected me to KEEP drinking it. After awhile I said, if I try to drink anymore I’m going to throw up! So they let me stop and take another picture. It’s not going down. They make me wait a while and take another one. It’s still not going down. Finally they tell me I’m done and to get dressed. So I headed back to work.

As soon as I get to work, I get a phone call from the doctor’s office, “are you on your way here?” Umm, no, I’m at work! “Well, we really need you to come in.” Well, why didn’t they tell me that when I was across the street getting an x-ray!

I get to the doctor’s office and the PA says, “we really need to do something about your lapband!” No duh! I asked if it was out of place and she said no, but that my esophagus was all but swollen shut, so none of the barium I swallowed for the test was going down. She asked, “why didn’t the doctor take all of the fluid out the last time you were here?” I don’t know, I’m the patient, shouldn’t you know?” She took about 3cc’s of saline out and hopefully I can heal up. I asked the PA why it happened to begin with. She said sometimes if you get a stomach bug or something it will happen. I don’t remember getting one, but whatever. Then she says, “the doctor doesn’t recommend lapbands anymore you know. He hardly ever does them anymore.” Well, he’s the one who put it in me 2 years ago, so what am I supposed to do about it now?

The whole reason why I went with the lapband as opposed to the gastric bypass is because they don’t recommend that you get pregnant after the bypass. I did have hopes of having a baby, but who knows at this point. The PA said that most people who would get the lapband are now getting the gastric sleeve which is where they cut off part of your stomach and staple it up like a sleeve. It’s a little less invasive than the bypass and the recovery time is quicker. You don’t feel as uncomfortable as you do with the lapband.

So, I don’t know what my future holds. The PA told me I could possibly gain 10-15 lbs. back without all the fluid in my band. I’ve already gained back 3 lbs. I just want my esophagus to heal and then I’ll have to talk to my doctor about what to do from there. I’m glad to have lost the weight, but I didn’t expect all these complications! Hopefully my husband will have better luck with his procedure than me.

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Baby (Grand-)Mama Drama


We have been keeping in contact with Buddy’s former foster parents. It’s been nice to know some background and gain some insight into what he’s done before, what works and doesn’t work. I send her a pic now and then and tell her he’s doing well. Just some background… Buddy was born in a different county and then bio-mom moved to our county. Bio-mom said she would plead guilty to neglect if they moved Buddy to her county and the judge agreed. That was devastating news for the former foster parents who also loved Buddy, but luckily he went to another caring home… ours! Well, the former foster mom told me a little snippet of information recently that there is a bio-grandma that she had to keep in contact with that wanted to adopt him!

Bio-mom is originally from a different state and bio-Grandma still lives there. She adopted bio-mom’s first child, a girl, who is now eight years old. The former foster mom would have to give bio-grandma monthly updates on Buddy. I didn’t know bio-grandma existed, so I contacted Buddy’s caseworker.

The caseworker said she had no information like that on bio-grandma, but she was doing her “due diligence” by sending her monthly letters that Buddy is in foster care. Supposed bio-dad is also getting the letters. Well, bio-grandma called the caseworker and gave her hell and was really rude to her on the phone. She wanted nothing to do with Buddy. Okay, that’s fine with us! Then, as of our Service Plan Review meeting, bio-grandma called back to say that she would come get Buddy! Hello! That’s not how it works!

Bio-grandma thought that she could just drive to NY from her state and bring him there! Maybe that’s how it works elsewhere, but in NY there is a lot of interstate paperwork to go through and she has to Skype or call Buddy to show she’s making a connection. Then they have to do background checks, make sure it’s a proper placement, go to court, etc. Well, bio-grandma didn’t want to go through all that! She said she’s having enough trouble with the eight year old granddaughter as it is! OMG!!

She said that she wants nothing to do with her grandchildren’s mother. Apparently she put bio-mom into foster care when she was 16 because she would run away, steal, went around with many boys, was into drugs, etc. She claims that Buddy’s mom went the 650+ miles to her home recently and kicked her door in. Well, I don’t doubt the anger part of the equation, but bio-mom doesn’t have her own car and it’s at least a 10 hour drive and she’s been making Buddy’s visits. She also says that bio-mom has outstanding warrants in that state and there was some drama over Facebook about $10,000 being missing! Ummm… none of this makes any sense. If there was an ounce of truth to it, I’d think that the county or state of NY would turn bio-mom over to the police.

Bio-grandma decided that she would settle for monthly updates again, like what the former foster mom gave her. However, I could only call during certain times because Buddy’s half sister (there are different bio-dad’s) doesn’t even know that he exists! Bio-grandma claims that she is trying to protect her by not telling her about him. As it was, bio-grandma was talking to the caseworker quietly on the phone and standing outside so that the girl wouldn’t hear her talking! Well, if she wanted to just come get Buddy, the child would find out then, so what’s the difference? I said that it all sounds a little fishy to me. I would give my updates through the caseworker for now. Hopefully bio-grandma doesn’t pursue this any further. Family drama is not my bag baby!

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Adoption on the Horizon?


We went to Buddy’s Service Plan Review on Friday. It’s basically a check by a neutral party to make sure that everyone is doing what they’re supposed to do as far as Buddy is concerned: Mom is being offered services, Buddy is in a safe environment and getting the services he needs and the foster parents are on board with what’s going on. Bio-mom did not attend.

My big question was, “when would we be able to adopt Buddy?”

This is what I was told:

Buddy went into care in September. At his 53 week mark, next September, if mom has made no progress, my caseworker will file a TPR (Termination of Parental Rights).

Around October a petition will be prepared for family court. At this initial appearance, or pretrial, we can see if our lawyer can make a deal with bio-mom’s lawyer for her to relinquish her parental rights. For instance, we will send her a letter and a photo once a year giving her an update as to how he’s doing. If she agrees to this, then we can file paperwork to adopt him.

If she decides that she will not terminate her rights and she feels that she has done what she needed to do to get him back, then they would hold a trial in about February.

The trial would be a “fact finding” day to see what information we have to support why he should be freed for adoption or returned to mom.

Next we would go to a dispositional hearing to see if bio-mom is found neglectful or not based on the information from the “fact finding” day. If the judge says she was, then he’ll be freed for adoption. However, mom can appeal.

It takes 12-16 months for the appeals process to take place.

Best case scenario, we’ll be adopting Buddy in about a year. Worst case scenario, it could take up to THREE long years!

To mom’s credit, she has been attending weekly visits with him. He’s a mess afterward, but she goes. She did not go into rehab like she was supposed to. She has not attended the anger management, parenting or counseling classes or assessments that have been offered to her over the past eight months. So, she has 4 more months to either get her act together or continue down her path of destruction.

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Sleep Deprived Mama

Me, with bags under my eyes... if I were a man, lol!

Me, with bags under my eyes… if I were a man, lol!

When Buddy first came into our care, he would take quite awhile to get to sleep, but slept through the night. He would call out and cry and it was very difficult. He would have night terrors, flailing and calling out, but wouldn’t wake up during them or would be easily comforted with a rub of the back or belly.

Well, it was proving so difficult to get him down that my husband let him sit with him in the nice, big oversized recliner in his room and he quickly fell asleep. This seemed like an awesome idea at the time because it worked. However, now he wakes up several times during the night and wants to sit in the chair with me. While it’s comfortable, it’s not my bed, which means I’m not sleeping very much and am extremely exhausted.

Usually Spring Break is relaxing and a good time to catch up on sleep. However, my husband came home from surgery on Wednesday and Buddy had a stomach bug with bad diarrhea and vomiting. Then there was no daycare on Friday. Then, back to work on Monday.

I AM SOOOO TIRED!!!! Hubby can’t lift Buddy because he has a 15 lb. weight restriction, not to mention he’s hurting and exhausted from surgery, so we can’t switch off. Last night I decided enough was enough and after our bedtime routine, I told Buddy that he had to go to sleep in his crib like a big boy and I would sit in the chair and sing to him. He said okay, and then he screamed for me and put his arms out to be held. His blood curdling cry was too loud for him to hear my singing over. I tried to rub his back, but he just screamed. Eventually I left the room because I couldn’t take it anymore and went downstairs and ate an entire chocolate bunny dipped in a jar of peanut butter! Thirty minutes later, the screams stopped and he went to sleep.

He woke up at 9 and again at 10, but rubbing his back put him to sleep. Then at 4am, he woke up and was standing in his crib calling my name and wanting to be picked up. I tried lying him back down and rubbing his back, but he wouldn’t go for it. I tried sitting in the chair and he just screamed and screamed. I eventually just went back to my room. Forty minutes later he fell asleep.

I’ve tried giving him stuffed animals and a cuddly blanket, but he is just not attached to these objects. The way he self soothes is heartbreaking. He rubs a scar on his collar bone. It’s a burn that he got from a former foster home. They were good people who just moved into a new house with gas or wood burning stove that had a piece that got hot and they didn’t realize it. It was an accident, but it’s a sad way to soothe nonetheless.

There is no manual on what to do with two year old foster children with abandonment issues and sleep problems. So, I feel horrible letting him scream and cry like I did, but I’m not sure what else to do! So, I’m sending out a plea to everyone out there in blog world… Should I just relent and comfort him by sitting in the chair with him or should I let him cry?

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UPDATE: I ended up doing a combination of things. Buddy likes Jake and the Neverland Pirates and got a couple of stuffed characters for Easter. I told him to pick one to come to bed with him and he chose Captain Hook (We’ll save his interest in villians for another post). After our bedtime routine, I put Hook in the crib with his head on the pillow, covered him with a blanket and rubbed his belly. I said, “What a good boy Hook! You’re sleeping like a big boy in the crib all by yourself!” I said to Buddy, we will sit in the chair for 10 minutes and then you have to lay down with Hook like a big boy.” He said okay. So after 10 minutes, I put him down in the crib with Hook. He started to fuss at first, but then laid down with him. He slept through the night! It worked all week too! He had some night terrors last night and his cough is getting worse for some reason, but this method has really seemed to work and I don’t feel like a horrible person for letting him cry!


Thrifty Shopper


Since yesterday was such a serious post, I thought I’d be a little more light hearted today and talk about why I am a thrift store junky! We have Rescue Mission Thrifty Shopper Stores, Salvation Army stores and a Good Will store in my city and I love hitting a few of them on the weekends.

Not only do they have awesome prices, but they will also have a featured colored tag that is 50% off. They also have sales where everything in the store or all clothes are 50% off. The Thrifty Store has a rewards card where you can earn points for free stuff! Yeah, you have to dig through the racks and I don’t always find a deal, but I’ve scored more times than not.

I’ve lost about 90 lbs. in the past 2 years after my lapband surgery. So, if I was to buy a new wardrobe every time I lost weight, I’d be beyond broke! I find all kinds of brand name items in good condition including Liz Claiborne, Talbots, J Jill, Macy’s, JC Penney’s brands, etc. I even got a really nice Kathy Ireland couch for $150 that they cleaned and disinfected first. It was practically brand new! My Mom bought a recliner at a 50% off sale for $20!

This past weekend, Buddy and I went out shopping for him. He got a barely used Diego bike helmet, a pair of athletic pants, a dentist play dough set (including batteries in the drill & 2 of the 3 cans of play dough were never even opened!), a Connect Four game, play dough cookie cutters, 5 kid’s books and a Leapfrog driving toy (with batteries) for $22! You just can’t beat that!

Trust me, I was the oldest of 3 kids, so I never had hand me downs, let alone bought used clothes, so I had to warm up to the idea. I just wash or disinfect the items when I bring them home and we’re good to go! There are some things, like a bathing suit or underclothes that I wouldn’t consider buying used, but that’s about it. I’ve also had great luck with toys and books at yard sales and Craigslist. People spend tons and tons of money on brand new toys and then just want to unload them because they take up so much room. For instance I bought a Playskool toy at a garage sale that has little gears on it, spins around and plays music. It sells on Amazon for $22 and I got it for $2! I got a Rainforest Jumperoo that sells on Amazon for $100 for $30 on Craigslist. I just love a good deal!

Buddy has been asking for a bike, so that will be my next purchase. He is all set with his helmet, but they only had a girl’s bike at the thrifty store. So, on Craigslist there are a plethora of bikes that kids have outgrown. He’s only two, so I’m not sure if I’m going to go with a tricycle or a 12” bike with training wheels. There was someone with several different types, so I may take Buddy out there and see which one he likes!

Oh, and my husband told me that “Thrift Shop” by rapper Macklemore is the number one song in the country right now, so I’m trendy too!


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Doctor’s Appointment Nightmare


I know it sounds a bit dramatic, but it did include, yelling, swearing, door slamming and hitting and not by my toddler either. Buddy had his follow up doctor’s appointment at the clinic and his bio mom is always invited to attend. She has been pretty hit or miss when it comes to visits, so I wasn’t sure if she would come or not.

As Buddy and I walked from the parking lot to the building, a thin woman with dark hair pulled back into a ponytail, multiple piercings, tattoos and wearing skater shorts on a blustery cold day, ran up behind us saying something. Assuming it was bio mom, I turned around and she introduced herself to me by saying, “that’s my kid.” I said, “hello, my name is Lisa, you must be _______, it’s nice to meet you. She shook my hand and promptly took Buddy out of my arms saying that she never gets to see him anymore.

We rode in uncomfortable silence up to the 4th floor and entered into the empty waiting area because we were the first appointment of the day. It is not the most prompt office and employees trickled in as Buddy and bio mom played with toys and I looked on. Next thing I know, two other people join bio mom. They did not introduce themselves, but took pictures on their cell phones and chatted amongst themselves. Next thing I know, bio mom starts slapping Buddy on his little round belly and loudly exclaims, “You’re so fat! You’re such a fat boy!” I let it go once, but she continued to whack him on his stomach and call him names. I said to her, “we are practicing not hitting, if you could please not do that.” She ignored me. I said it to her three more times while we waited. In the meantime, I frantically text (or is it texted?) my husband because I just had a really bad feeling. I didn’t like how things were going already. Where was the caseworker, where was the receptionist? Why am I alone here?! Luckily, my husband wasn’t too far away and said he’d be there in a few minutes.

The nurse called us into an exam room and the whole entourage got up to go. I said, “I think it’d be best if just mom went in.” She turned to the other people and luckily agreed. Then I began to wonder if that was a good decision. Should I really be alone in a room with a woman who the caseworker described as “hostile?” She needs a police escort when she goes to the DSS office, why doesn’t she need one at the doctor’s office? Where was the caseworker anyway?

Bio mom began spinning around on the doctor’s stool and scooting about the room like it was a race track with Buddy in her arms. Buddy repeatedly reached for me, but she wouldn’t let me take him from her until the nurse returned. We were freezing, but bio mom kept commenting on how hot it was in there and that they should really do something about the temperature (showing signs of using or going through withdrawals). Luckily, hubby and the caseworker, who offered her apologies, came in the room. Buddy needed to get three shots. Bio mom grabbed Buddy from me again and he was pulling at my shirt because he wanted to be with me, so she relented by putting him on the exam table and held him there. Hubby talked to the nurse about Buddy’s progress and his issues.

The nurse came in with the shots, so I told Buddy, “hold Mommy’s hand,” and I tried to comfort him the best that I could.  Then, bio mom flipped out! She said, “I’m not going to take this shit!” and stormed out of the room and slammed the door. I looked over at my husband and asked what he said. The caseworker informed me that it was because I referred to myself as Mommy and bio mom doesn’t like that. I didn’t even do it consciously! I was just trying to comfort the baby! I just started shaking. Out came all the pent up emotions I was feeling since we got there and I told everybody about how she was hitting him on the belly and calling him fat, how she brought the other people and wouldn’t let me hold him when he reached for me… and he’s only two! He doesn’t even understand the term mommy. To him, every woman is mommy and every man is daddy. Why? Because he’s been shuffled all over because she abandoned him! He needs to have a person to call mommy in his life right now!

The caseworker and the nurse were in agreement with me and when bio mom stormed back into the room, they discussed this with her. She said I was damaging his mental health because when he goes back to her, he’s not going to know who’s who. Bio mom ended up leaving in a huff and the doctor told the caseworker that I’m not to be left alone with her ever again.

I couldn’t just go home after all of that, so Buddy and I headed over to a play area at the mall and played and he had some pizza. Then we took out some books at the library. Phewww, what a day!!

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