A Good Day

happy baby

During the day yesterday I was looking up books on feelings and getting kids not to hit. I was dreading what the evening would bring with my toddler after multiple tantrums the night before that led into night terrors. Then… Buddy had a good day!

I came home and he wanted me to chase after him and we went round and round before I had a tickle fest at his expense. Buddy and Daddy read a bunch of books, then he did a great job at eating dinner. After, he played with his toys and took a nice bath.

To celebrate a peaceful evening we made Orange Julius. I measured the ingredients and he dumped them into the blender. He really enjoyed the treat and we praised him for being a very good boy.

Hopefully this is a sign of things to come. I’m looking forward to having more of these good days and less of the bad ones.

Happy Easter & Spring Break!

Photo credit: thejbird / Foter.com / CC BY



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