I Am Not The Fun Parent


I don’t know if it’s like this in every household, but in ours, there is the “I’m so fun and everything is a game parent,” and the “everything has a time and a place parent.” Guess which one I am? I am not the “fun” parent.

Buddy talks in mostly 2 word phrases. Well, he picked up a nice four word phrase this weekend…“I don’t want to!” We need to go brush your hair and teeth. “I don’t want to, Buddy said.” This may have been in response to my saying, “you don’t tell Mommy and Daddy no.” So, my darling child brings on the phrase, “I don’t want to.”

We count a lot at our house. For instance, “I’m going to count to five and if you don’t start brushing your teeth, I will do it for you.” Yes I did have to brush his teeth for him and he threw a royal fit, but the next day I showed him an Elmo music video about brushing his teeth and it’s been good ever since. Or, it’s dinner time, not play time, if you’re not in your chair by five, you’re going in your crib. Sometimes counting works, sometimes it doesn’t.

My mom said, “Really? Really, you’re going to count for a two year old?” But she also went awwwwww, when I told him not to hit me and he put his head down.

Hubby tries to sing songs and make things games and be the fun guy. I think everything has a time and a place. The great thing though, is that somehow it all works. We balance each other out and put things in perspective for each other. I don’t need to be so serious all the time and hubby realizes he does need to make sure he follows through. So, all in all, we make a good team! It will be a challenge while he is out for a month for his surgery. He has a 15 lb. weight restriction!

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2 thoughts on “I Am Not The Fun Parent

  1. I’m not the “fun” parent either. But like you, we balance each other out and I try to be fun every so often. As for counting, a two-year old most certainly can handle it! Most people make the mistake of waiting to long before realizing that their sweet little one has them wrapped around their little finger. Hope your little guy is sleeping better now!

    • Hi Instant Mama,
      Thanks for your comment! I’m trying my best. It’s going to take us all a little time to adjust. I’m not used to having a two year old & he’s going through his own stuff on top of being two. But somehow we all seem to survive the day! Have a wonderful Easter holiday!

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