Temper, temper!


The potty training is going really well and Buddy stays dry all day except for naps, bedtime and pooping. He likes the stickers he gets as a reward and puts them all over his chart. Not quite in the manner I planned, but it’s working none the less. His aim isn’t always the greatest, but he tries. However, the temper tantrums are a completely different story!

He will have a meltdown with kicking, hitting and screaming that is ear piercingly horrible. These fits can come on because he doesn’t want me there, he doesn’t want my husband there or because the sky is blue. I guess this is part of being two and being unsure of how to express himself. Not easy to deal with nonetheless.

Buddy screamed at the top of his lungs because he wanted my fork and not the fork I gave him. Then he continued to throw subsequent forks on the floor, including mine. The other night he screamed for the monkey movie (Curious George), when it was time for bed. The amount of TV he watches has been an issue. That must be what he did with the majority of his time in other places. He threw himself on the floor and kicked and hit me because I came home a little late from work after stopping at the store for Pull-Ups and he wanted nothing to do with me.

So, to help keep the peace in our house, he’s starting to learn that we will not tolerate these behaviors. I’ll put him in his crib and let him cry for a few minutes if he’s already in mid-fit. This seems to work and he is more cooperative when I come back. I also try to give him some choices when I can and let him help out when I can. He can watch TV from the time he comes home from daycare until dinner is ready, then the TV is turned off (1/2 hour to an hour). Then, I give him a choice of a big fork or little fork, a blue plate or a red plate. Then he puts them on the table. When it’s time for bed, I ask him what he wants to do first, read books or blow dry his hair and brush his teeth. Surprisingly, he wants to do the later first. I guess he associates stories more with bedtime. I also let him pick out 2 books. If I come home from the store, I have him help me put the stuff away and talk to him about his day. Then he is more receptive of my being late.

He can be a very independent and bossy two year old, but when he smiles and laughs, he melts your heart. Together, we’re slowly but surely figuring things out.

Photo credit: Mish Bradley / Foter.com / CC BY


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