There’s a Potty In The House Tonight!


Buddy has shown interest in using the potty. Sometimes when I put him on the toilet he goes and sometimes he doesn’t. Well, at daycare yesterday, he squat down in the corner to go. There was also the night where he had floaters in the bath tub. Fun times!

So, last night we brought him to Target and let him pick out a big boy potty chair. He chose one with Elmo in goggles, like he’s swimming in the “tank” and it has a “flusher.” I think his favorite part about going potty is flushing. He picked out Cars pull-ups and Mickey underwear. My husband found an Elmo potty DVD for us for him to watch. We got a poster board to make a potty chart and some pirate stickers. One hundred dollars later, he was all set!

What about me? What if I’m not ready for potty training? I’ve been his mom for all of 2 weeks now, so I’m feeling a little unprepared. I know it would be better than diapers, and cheaper, so that’s really appealing. I’ve just never done this before. Well, I guess considering he’s at daycare for 9-10 hours a day, I am only around for a small period of his training. Boy, that sentence just made me feel like crap. Another reason to quit my job!

So, I’m off to read up on training, so we can potty all the time, potty all the time, potty all the tiiiimmme! Yes, I need sleep!

Photo credit: thejbird / / CC BY


2 thoughts on “There’s a Potty In The House Tonight!

  1. Potty training (for the adult) feels a little like prison…locked in the little room with an unhappy inmate…staying tethered to the invisible leash of a potty within feet. I’m not having any fun with it at all! Good luck!

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