Band Aids Don’t Fix Things


Our little man had to go to the clinic for his initial visit today. My husband took him out for pancakes beforehand, so he wouldn’t feel too bad about what was to come.

His birth mom is always invited to come, but she cancelled a home visit by the social worker, so we didn’t expect her to show up. Well, she did. As my husband was getting off the elevator, she ran in and snatched him up. My husband said she was lucky that he realized she must have been the mother because he was about ready to punch her lights out for grabbing his kid!

In the waiting room she kept trying to hug him and scoop him up, but he didn’t want anything to do with her and wouldn’t look at her. She showed him her latest tattoo on the back of her neck and her new piercings. She would shoot my husband occasional dirty looks as they waited to see the doctor.

The clinic has been pretty good to us so far, but they have waits sometimes that are ridiculous. My poor husband was there for 2 hours, causing him to be really behind with seeing his patients. Unfortunately, I used up all of my sick days with my last foster baby and his schedule has more flexibility.

Once they made it into the exam room, the doctor asked the mom why the baby was placed into foster care. She told her that she went into surgery and when she came back home her baby was gone. My husband did everything he could not to call her a liar to her face. He waited until after the visit to tell the social worker. Thankfully, the doctor saw right through her ruse and had already informed her. The doctor gave her a couple of band aids and said that she needed to cover up the “(track) marks” on her arms around the baby. She hesitantly complied. Then to top things off, the poor baby had to get shots and cried.

So, while it was good that mom came to the doctor’s appointment, she was clearly using, which is bad. The social worker informed her of the services that are available to her. We’ll see if she uses any of them. I would think that the judge would have made some things mandatory, but who knows. As I see it, she already has two strikes against her.

Photo credit: frotzed2 / / CC BY-SA


2 thoughts on “Band Aids Don’t Fix Things

  1. We had a similar situation with getting tubes in ears of an infant in care. Hubby and I both went, because we were afraid bios would show up…they did, and proceeded to bawl hysterically and wail at the risk for her baby, how scared she (bio mom) was, and how she knew baby was terrified. Hubby and I had been fine…we were tired of the sinus junk that happened after visits, the consent congestion…we’d done the research and were overjoyed that baby was a good candidate…bios didn’t allow us to go back, cried, bawled, and finally the doctors came to get us, so we could take baby home, calmly and quietly. It was a real treat to peek around a the corner and see the nurses and doctors making fun of bios over reacting, and obvious lack of parenting skills. Praying peace comes to your little ones case soon.

    • Isn’t it crazy the acts they put on? Who is it for? What purpose does it serve? Nobody gets anything positive out of it. Our little guy regressed this weekend after seeing her… crabby and whiny instead of his normal sweet disposition (could also be the shots). Fostering is not easy, that’s for sure! Good luck to you and your little ones as well!

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