One Day at a Time


A Day In The Life of a Storm Trooper

My husband and I decided that we would just enjoy our little boy for now and put off IVF for a while. Stress is not good when you’re trying to get pregnant, and between dealing with the foster care system, my job, the shots and all the appointments, it was just too much.

As I mentioned in a previous post, we ran into a snag with our tax refund that we plan to use towards IVF. The IRS did confirm that we would be entitled to the refund with some proof and the birth parents would not. They would have to pay the money back since they already got their refund, or more likely, not receive a refund again until it’s paid in full. So, it will take a while for that money to come to us anyway.

My four attempts at IUI unfortunately were unsuccessful, but that’s in the past and I’m glad that we’re able to move on and take some time to just focus on being a family. Our little guy is transitioning beautifully! He loves playing with mommy’s old toys from when she was little, while at Grandma’s house during the day. Then he comes home to even more toys, thanks to his two cousins who have outgrown them. He’s just in heaven and very busy!

We may decide not to do IVF at all, who knows. That was just my back-up plan if foster care didn’t work out anyway. We have time to decide; there is no need to rush things. I’m happy with taking things one day at a time.

Photo credit: Kalexanderson / / CC BY-NC-SA


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