The Best Surprises Come in Small Packages

lestats-cute-little-toesMy Mid-Winter Recess took an unexpected turn this past week. I expected to spend some time with some friends, do a craft project, put some clothes up on Ebay and just plain relax. Unfortunately, my husband got a nasty cold that put him out of work for a few days. Then, we got a phone call on Wednesday from DSS… would we be willing to take a two year old?

If you’ve read my past posts, you’d know that we have very mixed feelings about the Foster Care System as a whole. They play games with people, do a disservice to the children, have high expectations for foster parents, but low expectations for birth parents. Plus, we still really miss our last foster baby. It was devastating when he went back to his parents. However, we have a lot of love to give and decided that we’d give it one last shot!

The homefinder told us that he was passed around from home to home for a while, so he probably slept in a bed instead of a crib. So, I went out, bought a toddler bed and my husband and I spent the day putting it together. What a pain in the neck that thing was! Then, to find out, he’s still in a crib! Good thing we didn’t take the crib apart.

When you take the foster care classes, they give you a sheet with a bunch of questions that you should ask before deciding to take a child into your home. However, this is our third foster child and NEVER have we gotten accurate information from the homefinder, so that is completely useless. They told us that his father was in prison and would like him to come for visits. As it turns out, his father is in the service and has never shown interest in him. The last foster family that had him was told he had asthma, a seizure disorder and all kinds of allergies. None of that was true either.

He’s a pretty amazing little boy with big blue eyes, long eyelashes, light blonde curly hair and is sweet as can be! He’s smart and is good at sorting his shapes, picks up his toys and even tries to dress himself! While he does have some anxiety, he seems to be a pretty resilient little man.

He has already been in the system for 6 months, so his mom has 6 more months to get her act together, successfully go to rehab, go to anger management classes and parenting classes. That’s the minimum the county expects of a parent. She hasn’t done anything so far. For his sake, I hope that she continues to do nothing because we would like to be his forever family. We are smitten already!

Photo credit: therapycatguardian / / CC BY-SA


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