The Waiting Game

alice-in-wonderland-white-rabbit-who-killed-time-2I’m four days post IUI and this is the hardest part… waiting. I have had some back pain, so it makes me wonder, is this a symptom? It’s still pretty early yet, but I’ve never had any symptoms after any of my other three IUIs.  I had four good sized follicles when I was inseminated. My husband had 50 million sperm, so you’d think those were pretty good odds (he says he must have been off his game, gag!). I find out on Feb. 25th.

We are looking to use our tax refund toward IVF instead of doing any more rounds of IUI. When I tried filing electronically, I was informed that someone already claimed our dependent on their taxes, therefore we couldn’t also claim them! This means, that our foster child’s birth parents, who didn’t have custody of him at all during 2012, claimed him on their taxes. While this is illegal, we have to figure out if it’s worth pursuing. For one, it will hold up our refund longer, meaning it will be longer that we’ll have to wait to do IVF. Second, it means that not only will the birth parent’s taxes be scrutinized, but ours will be as well. Lastly, if the child ever does come back into foster care, the birth parents will most likely be upset that we got the money and they didn’t, hurting our chances of getting the baby back.

My mom says that a thousand dollars is a thousand dollars and we should pursue it. My husband says the opposite. So, last night I decided to call the IRS and ask them what we should do. I sat on hold for 45 MINUTES before I got a tax person on the line who asked me a series of questions. Then she put me on hold again! Just as she was getting back to me with my answer, my cell phone died! I was soooo bummed out. Needless to say, I’m sitting here again, with my cell on speaker, but charged and typing as I wait.

I’m hoping that this back pain is a sign and I won’t have to worry about IVF or the size of my tax return because we can take a much needed vacation and work on the baby’s room instead!

Photo credit: Brandon Christopher Warren / / CC BY-NC


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