I Love My Husband

smile-40I love my husband. He drives me absolutely nuts most days, but yesterday he helped me keep the last bit of sanity I had left. He dealt with the insurance company for me!

I decided to join my husband’s insurance this year instead of having two separate insurance policies. So, when I started getting fertility drugs, I guess I did it under my old insurance. Now that I needed them under my husband’s insurance, they gave me a hard time and rejected the order.

Well, as you know, fertility treatments are very timely. You have a small window to work in and you need to take the drugs when they tell you too. Well, my angel of a husband made a few dozen calls between the doctor’s office, the mail order fertility pharmacy and the insurance company to make sure the drugs arrived by today.

This was wonderful for a number of reasons. First off, I began to immediately sob upon hearing that the insurance rejected the insurance to begin with and swore off anymore fertility treatments because they were jerks. Not only did he console me that night, but he offered to be the one to handle fixing the situation the next day. Also, I know that part of the reason why I’ve been crying so much has to do with said fertility drugs. Third, I didn’t have to worry about it because he handled it beautifully on his own.

Fertility treatments, while a big burden on the woman, is so much easier when your husband can take on some of that stress. It’s taken my husband a while to realize this, but he’s coming around. I would be a big heaping mess on the floor without him!

Photo credit: Toni Blay / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND


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