Adoption From Other States

Anxious ChildFor the past several years I have really had “baby brain.” If it wasn’t trying to get pregnant, than it was looking at fostering and adoption possibilities. I know of one teacher who was approached in her church by a woman who said her daughter was pregnant. Would she like to adopt her baby? I would LOVE for this to happen! Pick me, pick me!

While I’d love to be as lucky as that woman, I’m not the sit around and wait type. There are several great websites out there for people looking to adopt a special needs child, an older child or sibling groups. There is, and that I’ve visited regularly and have inquired about children unsuccessfully. There is some overlap between sites. It’s also more difficult to adopt between states and your homefinder has to be willing to send the social worker your case history. You know how much I love social services, so you can only imagine how easy this process is.

I don’t feel I would be able to adopt a child with significant special needs. As a special education teacher, I know what a full time job this would be and I don’t want to feel like I am at work.

My hesitancy in pursuing children from these websites again is that older children (those who aren’t infants), come with baggage including severe emotional and psychological issues. I already dealt with that with our first foster child. At least with a foster child, if it doesn’t work out, they can go back into the system. If it doesn’t work out with an adopted child, they’re yours for life as if you gave birth to them. There is no going back. So, while adopting a family of 2-3 children sounds like a cool, instant family. It will have many, many challenges.

I don’t even consider adopting a child from another country a possibility because of the astronomical cost. We don’t have 30K plus to afford this type of adoption. I wish we did. We also don’t have the years it takes for a child to become available.

Well, we’ll just take a wait and see approach for now. What will be, will be.

Photo credit: IronRodArt – Royce Bair (“Star Shooter”) / / CC BY-NC-ND


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